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Vibratex Budding Bliss Clitoral Vibrator
This graceful silicone dual vibe has a beautiful rosebud tickler for pinpoint stimulation. Splash pr..
Vibratex Butterfly Vibrator
This beautiful vibrator is made of 100% Elastomer. It has tracked pearls that light up with multi-co..
Vibratex Dahlia GSpot Vibrator
From Vibratex, the Dahlia features a smooth, velvety silicone, non-phallic sleeve. The bulbous head ..
Vibratex Duet Vibrating Cock Ring
Stretchy 100% elastomer in the Vibratex version of a reusable cock ring. Touch sensitive or continuo..
Vibratex Japanese Beehive Vibrator
This crystal lavender pliable vibe has a rotating shaft with nubs all over it. The vibrator is in th..
Vibratex Mini Wand Massager
A petite powerhouse, battery operated and quiet. 6 functions and a silicone massage head on a flexib..
Vibratex Mystic Wand GSpot Attachment
High quality g-spot attachment for Mystic Wand Massager!..
Vibratex Mystic Wand Vibrating Massager
Finally a water-resistant, hand held massager to rival the Hitachi! 6 ultra quiet functions and a po..
Vibratex Quiver Vibrator
A truly exotic and unique toy made of 100% elastomer, the Quiver is designed for pure pleasure. The ..
Vibratex Rabbit Pearl Elastomer Vibrator
Thanks to HBO's Sex and the City, this fantastic dual-action is one of the most popular vibrators ar..
Vibratex Rock Your World Vibrator
This unusual toy is made of 100% Elastomer which is superior to vinyl and more economical than silic..
Vibratex Snugglepuss Clitoris And GSpot Vibrator
Twice the pleasure and all of the satisfaction are combined in this soft, feminine G-Spot vibe. Hyp..
Vibratex Sweet Spot Vibrator
Indulge yourself with this dual action toy. Made of softwear skin material for a wonderful plush fee..
Vibratex Thumbelina Vibrator
This translucent purple elastomer vibe has a a broader tickler than our Little Kiss, and a bulbous h..
Vibratex Velvet Masturbating Glove 1
Add girth and stimulation to your vibrators, fingers or can be worn as a cock sleeve...
Vibratex Violet Vibrator
Smooth and sexy silicone which is completely body safe and contains no phthalates. Specially designe..
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