Hello, we're Red Vixen...

We love to make people happy and we make a fun, fulfilling sex life available to everyone. 

Buying a sex toy used to involve being confronted by seedy, male-centric websites with in-your-face, pornagraphic images and packaging. But here at Red Vixen we decided it was time things changed, by bringing in a new era of sex toy shopping.

We just want you to be happy...

Making customers happy is what makes us smile. Look out for new and exciting additions to our store and our special offers!

Our brands

We develop unique, innovative sex toys and sexual wellbeing products, and have teamed up with some of the most fun and exciting brands out there to bring you the very best of sexual happiness. Here are just a few of our line-up.


Jimmy Jane                                                       


Fifty Shades of Grey and many more!